Elliott Clark

Apache HBase PMC Member, Committer

Big Data Engineer, Tech Lead



HBase Engineer

Oct 2012 — Present

Became an Apache HBase Project Management Committee (PMC) member.

Instrumented HBase and HDFS to enable RPC tracing using HTrace and Zipkin; the Dapper like system enables HBase developers to debug and tune their uses of HBase with more confidence.

Created a new compaction algorithm that has 10x better IO utilization in certain use cases.

Created new UI for HBase Master and Regionserver daemons to encourage adoption of HBase.


HBase Engineer

Apr 2012 — Oct 2012

Became an Apache HBase committer.

Deployed new versions of HBase to production clusters with no downtime, fixing issues and improving data store performance.

Created new Stochastic Load Balancer that takes into consideration, data locality, request throughput, and data sizes to better utilize server resources.


Lead Engineer, Data & Analytics

Aug 2010 — Apr 2012

Promoted twice into a position managing individual contributors in the Analytics group.

Created Scala server infrastructure, including servlet front-end and Akka back-end services. The new design improved performance, up to 15k messages per second per server, and allowed for new features.

Architected Hadoop jobs using Hadoop, Avro, and HBase that allow executives, designers, and engineers to track revenue and user behavior from more than a billion messages a day.

Built software to start, stop, and add to Hadoop/HBase/Zookeeper clusters on Amazon's EC2 allowing the group to rapidly adopt Hadoop and HBase.

Designed and implemented JavaScript UI to display tens of thousands of data points per day per game in a discoverable HTML interface.

316 Ventures

Software Development Engineer

December 2009 — August 2010

One of two engineers to redesign and build a new thrillcall.com.

Implemented real-time and background content scraping systems to process and display pricing data from external web sources.

Halved page load time by optimizing database access, creating automatic asset minification scripts, configuring caching, and other web development best practices.


Software Development Engineer

June 2008 — December 2009

Resolved more than 80 bugs in multiple areas of Windows Presentation Foundation to reach zero bug bar on schedule.

Corrected blocking bugs in WPF to enable Blend and Visual Studio to adopt Windows Presentation Framework.

Received a level promotion in the first year.

Created a hotfix for a high priority bug in WPF libraries of .NET, enabling Windows customers to type diacritics.

Lead the effort to create a .NET WPF implementation of Microsoft Ribbon; implemented the custom window code to allow integration into the title bar.

Drove customer adoption WPF solutions by answering questions on MSDN Forums and Codeplex.com.


Software Development Intern

July 2007 — September 2007

Prototyped a new control for use with WPF News Reader.

Collaborated with multiple teams to implement new streams of revenue.

Developed XML tools to deliver MSDN Magazine online using the WPF News Reader SDK.

NifeEdge Software


2005 — 2006

Founded custom software firm to serve companies with small and medium size projects.

Designed and wrote internal web based software to expand sales and track employee productivity for Area Circulations Inc.

Open Source


Big Data

I design and implement solutions to make large volumes of data drive real business value.

Scalable Servers

I build and test highly concurrent servers to meet low latency and high availability requirements.

Drive Quality

I strive to create quality products by adopting test driven development and other best practices.


  • Hadoop
  • HBase
  • JUnit
  • SBT
  • Scalatest & Specs 2
  • Scala
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Scalatra
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Django
  • Avro
  • Akka Actors
  • Git
  • Jenkins CI
  • Linux
  • Puppet


Georgia Institute of Technology

BS Computer Science

Elliott Clark — elliott.neil.clark@gmail.com — (415) 56CLARK